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We offer blue cross insurance for residential treatment. If you have blue cross insurance addiction treatment, we can help. Do you have blue cross insurance mental health treatment? Then you can get our services for blue cross insurance young adult residential treatment.

Pacific Pathways residential treatment program is comparable in quality (or better than) some of the large, nationally-known programs that cost between $30,000 – $50,000 per month. We strive to keep the cost of care far lower than that by billing your insurance for all clinical and medical services, and charging a comparatively reasonable out-of-pocket amount for program elements not covered by insurance. We’ll inform you of the cost of care right at the start. You’ll receive updated info throughout your time with us. You are most welcome to contact us with any questions regarding treatment insurance coverage, benefits, and the cost of care. 

Let's start by checking your insurance benefits.

We work with most insurance companies, including Beacon Health, Blue Cross of Illinois, Anthem, and many others. Fill out the form at right, and we’ll check your benefits. Then, we will be able to tell you with reasonable accuracy what the cost of care will be. We’ll arrange a meeting for you to get to meet the clinical and residential staff. After joining us on a virtual tour– we’ll look forward to welcoming you to Pacific Pathways. 

Insurance coverage and cost of in-patient mental health and addiction treatment

The program is designed to increase a feeling of safety, and decrease anxiety. 98% of clients responded on our client satisfaction survey that they felt understood and respected in our program. That high level of satisfaction translates to progress in treatment. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Throughout your time with us, let us know any way that we can be of help and support.

Insurance coverage and cost of in-patient mental health and addiction treatment

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