Find more information about Pacific Pathways’ services here, in our treatment program FAQ. Feel free to use the chat box in the lower right hand corner of the page–or give us a call! The most recent news is that California has fully re-opened as most of the state has been vaccinated. We are able, for the most part, to resume normal activities in the community with our residents. Please get in touch for more information about our mental health-focused programs for young adults!

Treatment program Faq

The psychiatric day program approach is modeled on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). We have two levels of treatment available to our residents–more or less intensive–depending on need. Our residential facilities are staffed 24 hours. They incorporate wellness activities, independent living skills support, nutritional and exercise coaching, and a continuing education program. The medical /psychiatric program provides regular psychiatric screenings, medication monitoring / prescribing as needed, and health screenings. Our on-call psychologist can provide psychological and educational evaluations, which may incur an additional cost.

The Pacific Pathways program is primarily a mental health treatment program for young adults. We focus on the following concerns: depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, self-harm, ADHD, eating disorders, other mood disorders, difficulty remaining engaged in school or college, struggles with independent living.

The average length of stay is 3 months. Most of our residents require continuing care as they move on from Pacific Pathways to school, jobs, or internships in the surrounding world. We’ll help you set up appropriate resources for continuing care. This often includes supportive living while working or attending college.

We get a lot of questions about these two companies. We are able to accept both Blue Cross of Illinois and MultiPlan. Actually, we accept most insurance company PPO plans. As always, deductible and co-insurance amounts may apply!

Pacific Pathways staff and clients are all fully vaccinated and have booster shots. We do regular rapid testing for clients and staff and can arrange vaccination for prospective young adult clients who aren’t yet fully vaccinated. We continue to follow all guidelines from Sonoma County and the State of California that apply to behavioral healthcare facilities. 

Treatment Program FAQ

We’re doing everything possible to make top-quality treatment available at a reasonable cost. We’ll provide you with a high standard of transparency, responsiveness, accessibility, and clinical care. Throughout your experience with us, we’ll be asking for your honest feedback. We hope that you’ll let us know of any part of the process that needs improvement. Your satisfaction means everything to us.

Treatment Program FAQ

Residential treatment with Pacific Pathways costs half as much–or less than half— as other, nationally-known, high-quality programs. We minimize the cost of high-quality care by billing your insurance for all clinical and psychiatric services. There is also a reasonable out-of-pocket charge that covers lodging, all meals, educational support, outdoor and experiential therapies. 

We’ll check your insurance benefits for you. At that time, we are able to tell you with reasonable accuracy what your costs will be. We submit all the insurance billing, so you don’t have to deal with seeking reimbursement from your insurance. Believe it or not, many programs require you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company yourself.

Dialectical behavioral therapy

For one– the very high quality of clinical staff who specialize in working with young adults and their specific developmental needs. All of our therapists have post-graduate intensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

What’s unique about Pacific Pathways

We take wellness and complementary approaches to healing seriously. Our trained instructors at Spirit Rock in Marin County– integrate mindfulness into the program. We’re connected with the Mandala Springs Retreat Center in Cobb, CA. Our residents attend occasional weekend wellness retreats in the uplifting environment of Mandala.


Sustainably focused experiential activities, as well as college courses that focus on sustainability education*– are part of the daily program. Daily meals consist of organic and healthy foods. We’re pursuing certification with B-Lab as a Certified B-Corp, which requires serious sustainability goals throughout the organization. *College courses are entry-level, for-credit courses offered in conjunction with Prescott College; tuition incurs an additional cost.

Yes. Families and parents are an important part of treatment. During the pandemic situation, we are conducting weekly or bi-weekly family tele-therapy meetings. We are also conducting regular, but small multi-family get-togethers on-site–mainly for families in the SFO area. We can always set up tele-conference calls between family and residents.