Pacific Pathways clients are referred by educational consultants, treatment programs from around the country, and professionals in private practice including psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. When our families approve our communication, we will be contacting you for background information. Our behavioral health treatment professionals will keep in touch regarding progress in treatment and continuing care as our clients move on from here. We’re always available to you to discuss if and how our services may be appropriate for your clients. 


We’ll be posting new treatment outcomes results here as they become available. Our behavioral health treatment professionals utilize feedback-informed treatment (FIT) in all our services to allow clients the opportunity to express their satisfaction with the services they receive. The goal is always a strong therapeutic alliance with the client–from their perspective. We have used the PHQ-9® (the standardized Patient Health Questionnaire) to measure outcomes. The PHQ-9 measures improvement with the symptoms of depression and also measures improvement in overall functioning. Results for the last twelve months are shown below. Also, for more detailed information about the research evidence for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, click here.

  Mike Beswick LCSW, Clinical Director

Results shown here are aggregates for all Pacific Pathways residents within the past 12 months, without excluding any residents. Often programs will exclude clients that depart early or are “non-completers.” Here, all clients are included in the average scores shown below. The significant results shown here can often allow our residents to return home safely or to continue on to a lower level of care after the Pacific Pathways program. These results were posted on 08/08/2022.

41% reduction in symptoms of depression in 8 weeks*


*all clients included, as measured by the PHQ-9®

49% reduction in functional impairment in 9 weeks


*all clients included, as measured by the PHQ-9®

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One of our senior staff is always standing by to speak with you about your client or family member’s needs. We’ll help guide you in the right direction and let you know how Pacific Pathways residential treatment may be able to help.

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