Psychiatric Services

Integrated services

Psychiatric services

All of our young adult residents receive psychiatric assessments and evaluation of any current medication regimens. Also, our staff psychiatrist can prescribe appropriate medications if needed. Throughout your time with us, the psychiatrist is available to consult with your family. The psychiatrist serves as our medical director and is actively involved in each client’s clinical treatment

Holistic thinking

Multi- Disciplinary treatment

The Pacific Pathways team is a broad group of professionals from a variety of disciplines, and they all have a role to play in tailoring services to meet the needs of our residents. We don’t merely do a bio-psycho-social assessment of our clients needs, we actually provide treatment that addresses needs in the realms of physical fitness and nutrition, psychological and emotional health, interpersonal relationships, academic progress, daily living skills for navigating the real world, and so much more. It takes an expert team to come up with an integrated vision for healing and personal growth.

Health and wellness

Medical services

Ongoing health evaluations are provided by a registered nurse (RN) who also oversees our rigorous program for compliance with Covid-19 infection prevention. Medical, dental and vision services are also available, as required. In addition, we have specialized treatment services available for our clients struggling with eating disorders, including nutritional support and meal planning from a licensed nutritionist, as well as specific treatment integrated into your daily program.