Comprehensive Treatment

Pacific Pathways’ residential treatment program is configured for young adults and their specific developmental needs. Our clinical program and psychiatric services are innovative and among the best available in the country. But in addition the program provides services that are designed to help young adults continue to transition into functional and sustainable independent living while working and/or going to school. And there’s more. See below for more details.

Phillip Jones, MA

Residential Program

Pacific Pathways provides a comprehensive residential program for young adults that includes a high-end living experience with healthy eating and nutritional support. Wellness offerings, including yoga and mindfulness complement the clinical offerings. Personal time, educational time with academic support, and outdoor activities are built into a typical day in the home-like environment.

Co-Occurring Treatment

Co-occurring treatment means clinical treatment for clients who are struggling with mental health challenges and substance use. Our programs focus on recovery from mental health challenges include depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, PTSD, other mood disorders, ADHD, and eating disorders–but in addition our residents work on substance use disorders with resources including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, recovery self-help groups, and complementary therapies including neurofeedback.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is considered to be the gold standard in evidence-based treatment for serious mood disorders that may be accompanied by self-harming behaviors, suicidal thinking, and/or substance use. DBT gives young adults behavioral skills for emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and mindfulness. All of our therapists undergo intensive post-graduate training in DBT with the Behavioral Tech organization, the authorities on DBT treatment. To view the body of research that provides the evidence-basis for the effectiveness of DBT, click here.

Experiential Therapies

Pacific Pathways is surrounded by the beauty of Northern California, the redwoods of Muir Woods, and the seashore of Point Reyes National Seashore. Our counselors help our residents connect with the healing elements of nature while kayaking on the gentle tidal waters of the Point Reyes marshes, or while ‘forest bathing’ in surrounding redwood groves. We will be harvesting lavender from the lavender farm at Mandala Springs Retreat Center, our sister program– and doing the occasional weekend retreat to address anxiety and depression with complementary therapies.

Educational Support

Some of our residents have struggled with high school or college because of a history of ADHD and/or learning differences; others have faced traumatic experiences and struggled with depression and anxiety. Pacific Pathways is able to provide a non-stressful re-entry to appropriate and meaningful academic work, under the direction of our Educational Director and counseling staff. We have a close relationship with Prescott College in Prescott, AZ, and offer a number of for-credit college courses with virtual and on-site instruction. Please note– tuition costs are additional.

Health & Wellness

Our hope is that you will experience your time at Pacific Pathways as something like a wellness retreat. We address mental health and substance use issues with clinical expertise, but we also endeavor to provide a soothing and healing environment in which everything–and especially the personal relationships with caring and compassionate staff–contributes to resilience and personal growth. The staff will help you to put together a personalized daily program of fitness and healthy eating, and in addition, we will help to set you up with resources to continue maintaining your health and wellness goals as you move on from Pacific Pathways.

Sustainable Development Goals

Pacific Pathways is a ‘pending’ certified B-Corp. We are pursuing a program of rigorous sustainability goals throughout our organization–everything from using ethically-sourced products in our supply chain to collaborating closely with stakeholders in the community. We work to ensure social justice in the workplace, and for our residents as well as they develop sustainable lives in a world that can sometimes be harsh and unjust.