Pacific Pathways’ founding staff, shown on this page, have years of experience helping teens and young adults make progress on a path of healing and personal growth. Pacific Pathways is our combined effort at creating an ideal environment for young adults to move past the major mental health obstacles in their path, and firmly find a path that leads to and can nourish resilience and empowerment. These are some of our caring, compassionate, and experienced  team members.

Brooke Brody, LCSW

Agency Director & Therapist

Phillip Jones, MA

"Life Worth Living" Program Director
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Dr. Sanjai Thankachen, MD

Medical Director

Mike Beswick, LCSW

Clinical Director & Therapist

Kobe Biederman, MS

Director of Sustainability, Educational Programs and Outreach

Jayna Newbold

Residential Support Staff

Melissa Salini, ACSW


Ketura Topps

Residential Director

Ryan Dent

Day Treatment Manager

Brooke Brody, LCSWC

Brooke Brody, MSW is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of California. Brooke is a doctoral student at Prescott College, completing his dissertation in the area of “Advances in the treatment of trauma.” He has worked as a therapist in wilderness therapy programs, other clinical facilities and therapeutic schools for the past 21 years. Brooke was the founder in 2006 of the Potomac Pathways outpatient behavioral health facility in the Washington, DC  area and operated the program for 14 years. The facility offered psychiatric day treatment and intensive outpatient programs for teens and young adults with moderate-to-severe mental health and/or substance use challenges. Brooke is an “intensively-trained” Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) therapist, trained by the Behavioral Tech institute, founded by the developer of the DBT model, Marsha Linehan, PhD. DBT (Linehan, 1993) was developed to treat persons with a history of severe trauma, suicidal ideation, self-injury, and borderline personality disorder. Brooke is the Director of Pacific Pathways.


Phillip Jones, MA, LMHC

Phillip Jones is a licensed psychotherapist, a personal and
organizational development program coordinator, and a rites of passage facilitator. He is the author of Transcendence: Finding Peace at the End of Life.

After military service and organizational development work at a DOD submarine base, Phillip took some years of study as a monk and interfaith program director. He returned to school to complete a Masters degree in counseling, and has worked with young men and their families, people going through mid-life crises, and those near the end of life, in various organizations and venues. Phillip has created and used his Life Wheel Assessment (based on Jungian personality psychology) and personal  coaching to support the development of numerous individuals and organizations in finding their unique strength patterns and growth opportunities.

For two decades, Phillip and his wife Ana have led groups and transformative retreats in inspiring places in North and
South America, Europe and Hawaii. He is currently a Director at the Mandala Springs Retreat Center in Northern
California, and is an editor of publishing projects in the
self-help and personal development genre with Insight Editions publishers.

Christopher Brodeur

Christopher Brodeur brings 15 years in business startup and management experience to the Pacific Pathways team. He is excited to support the Pacific Pathways project by helping to develop the B-Corp sustainability business model, “Business as a Force for Good.” Christopher was born and raised in San Francisco where he has served as a board member and volunteer in numerous organizations in the Homeless and Foster Care systems. Chris is an expert in the area of small business finance, accounting, and marketing.


Mike Beswick, LICSW

Michael Beswick LICSW, BCD has been a licensed independent therapist for many years. He has extensive training and experience in working with addictions, family systems, psychodrama, DBT, and has directed several experiential wilderness programs. He is well known for his dynamic group work with families and has been a presenter at numerous national conferences. Mike embodies passion, enthusiasm and compassion in his work and has developed the Pacific Pathways sustainability based model to help young people and families rediscover their sense of meaning and purpose, and create “a life worth living.”

Kobe Biederman, MS

Kobe serves as the Director of Sustainability and Higher Education Programs.  Kobe’s passion is encouraging young adults to learn and grow through connections with their community and the natural world.  Kobe holds a B.S. from the University of Oregon, an M.A. in Recreation Administration from Aurora University, a ME.d. from Northern Arizona University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Sustainability Education from Prescott College.

Kobe has facilitated a wide variety of experiential learning programs, including working with first-year and transfer students at the University of California, San Diego.  Kobe also spent several years serving as the Director at Boston University’s Sargent Center for Outdoor Education.

Kobe’s role at Pacific Pathways includes designing and implementing college-level courses for our clients in conjunction with Prescott College. He also coordinates company-wide social, ecological, and economic sustainability initiatives as part of our process of becoming a Certified B-Corp.